Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dare To Dream
It is said that every closed door opens a window of opportunity. Conversely, the boarded-up windows of this Kentucky Fried Chicken might one day open a door to a confluence of Yum! Brands quick-serve feastliness. The worldwide leader in multibrand two-for-one restaurant locations, Yum! Brands can satisfy your combinatory culinary cravings, however discordant. Want a Buttered Lobster Gordita Supreme? How about a Baked Bean and Mashed Potato Stuffed Crust Pizza?

There are 10 possible combinations -
A&W Root Beer/KFC
A&W Root Beer/Long John Silver's
A&W Root Beer/Pizza Hut
A&W Root Beer/Taco Bell
KFC/Long John Silver's
KFC/Pizza Hut
KFC/Taco Bell
Long John Silver's/Pizza Hut
Long John Silver's/Taco Bell
Pizza Hut/Taco Bell

I'm rooting for an A&W/Long John Silver's. What's your dream Yum! Brands restaurant combination?


Brian said...

we have an A&W/KFC right around the corner from us and it's probably the combo I like the least. The wife loves KFC but personally I'd like a Taco Bell/Long John's. Which we do have in Lansdale but it's a long drive most days unless the hush puppies cravings really start to get painful.

Brian said...

and if I really had my druthers---

Roy Rogers/Arby's

White Castle/Krispy Kreme

Ken Rodoff said...

um...Dunkin Donuts & Taco Bell.

Uh, yes, I'll have the Coffee Taco.

Oh, and a small box of Burritokins.

Drink? Yes, of course.

How 'bout a Frappachalupa.

Brian said...


Will you marry me? All I have to do is get rid of Brian.

Lynn... Brian's wife

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the Yum combos too and came across your site. There's a LJS/A&W (or "A Long W" as I like to call it) on exit 95 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast Extension.

Just thought I'd let you know

-Bry, NJ